Deciding between laminate and vinyl flooring for your home

By on October 23, 2017
Laminate vs vinyl

Laminate vs Vinyl

This is one of the largest debates in the flooring world. Comparing laminate and vinyl is like comparing red and brown sauce. They both have their similarities, but ultimately, it’s down to personal choice. Let’s break down the main differences between the two and their benefits to you.


Laminate is made up of a number of layers and molded together during a laminating process. The base layer is made up of a high density fibreboard, meaning it is a sturdy and incredibly durable material. It has an incredibly easy installation process using a click-lock system, making it one of the easiest floors to install yourself at home. There are a number of different designs, from darker colors to lighter shades such as grey laminate flooring. -[ Continue reading... ]

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How you can pick out your perfect car

By on September 28, 2017

This post is sponsored by Even though it is sponsored, I have personally used their website a number of times before and recommend it as an important resource in the car-buying process. I take pride in sharing only products and services I recommend, so I hope you enjoy this post!

Thinking about taking on the task of finding a new car? I’ve been there before. It’s not a fun one (though it can be exciting), so I’m hoping that this post can help you through the process, or at least give you a starting point so that you can be well on your way to getting the ideal car for you and your family. -[ Continue reading... ]

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The truth about Himalayan salt lamps

By on September 12, 2017
Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have grown in popularity within the last few years. Some people claim that their lamp gives their room a better ambiance than regular lighting. Others swear by theirs because it helps with their sinus or asthma ailments, their sleep, or their energy levels.

You may be asking, “Okay, is any of this actually true?” I asked the same thing both before and after I purchased my own salt lamp, and I decided to do a little research to determine if all of the “facts” and references used into posts prior to mine are even accurate and credible. -[ Continue reading... ]

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