Don Hall’s Triangle Park Bar and Grille

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January 27, 2015

Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this review. All facts and opinions contained in this post are completely truthful and were not influenced by the compensation received.

Note: My circumstances have changed since I wrote this blog post. The person whom I refer to as “hubby” no longer plays that role in my life. I, also, no longer live in Indiana. I wanted to point this out to eliminate any confusion for when you read more recent posts. Proceed!

We had another great experience at one of Don Hall’s restaurants here in Indiana. If you’d like to read my first review on one of their restaurants, click here.

We chose to dine at Don Hall’s Triangle Park Bar and Grille because it is a waterfront restaurant. It was a beautiful day outside so a waterfront restaurant definitely appealed to us. And, as we had a great time eating at Don Hall’s Hollywood Drive-In restaurant, we couldn’t help but visit Don Hall’s Triangle Park Bar and Grille.

Don Halls Triangle Park
Don Halls Triangle Park

When we first pulled up, I knew that we’d have a great time. Well, I knew that we were in for a treat before we even got there. I saw the beautiful waterfront view on the main road before we even turned on their drive. We walked inside and felt the same, comforting atmosphere we experienced in Don Hall’s Hollywood Drive-In restaurant. We found out that live music would be playing within a half an hour of our arrival so we were pretty eager to experience it. We were a little concerned that it might be too loud because we requested to sit outside (which is where the band would be), but it wasn’t that much of a concern because we figured we could always request a change in table.

Don Hall’s Triangle Park Bar and Grill Brandon instantly loved the view when we got to our table. I’m a sucker for birds, so I was an instant fan, too. There were so many ducks and about four swans in the lake and our table was right beside the rail so we had a great view! I just wish I would’ve brought my camera. Shortly after we sat down and got comfortable, we were greeted by Kari. She was kind and helpful, and she told us about the specials. It was our first time visiting, so we let her know and she gave us a little while to look over the menu. While we were glancing over the menu of their plethora of mouth-watering meal choices, the live music began setting up.

The live music was The J Taylors, a wonderful husband and wife band. We were definitely pleasantly surprised and the music was great! They played some good ‘ole Southern music, so that reminded both me and my hubby about the good times we both had in the South since we both basically grew up there. We ordered our appetizer, their Irish Nachos, and chowed ‘em down while we listened to the music. I ordered their Herb Chicken Breast and my hubby ordered their Raspberry Pecan Chicken. Both entrees were incredibly tasty and are something that we would definitely order again. My chicken was deliciously cooked and seasoned, and my hubby really enjoyed his chicken. He had leftovers so he was able to make his co-workers jealous the following day with his scrumptious lunch! We ordered some popcorn shrimp, fries and jello for Brandon, and he definitely enjoyed himself — he especially enjoyed the whip cream that was on top of his jello!

When the band took a break from playing we chatted with them for a few minutes. They were incredibly nice and their music was great! The live music definitely added to our experience and we will definitely be returning to Don Hall’s Triangle Park Bar and Grille. A big thank you to everyone that contributed to our wonderful experience! We had a great time and will see you again soon!

Post Edit: This post was originally posted on my blog before I re-branded it. The GM of the restaurant posted a comment on the original post on June 26, 2012 and, since I copied and pasted this review on my new blog, I couldn’t transfer the comment to this post so I wanted to add it to the post itself.

“Hi Caitlin, my name is Kevin Connett, and the general manager at Hall’s Triangle Park restaurant. Thank you for your kind words! You have put a smile on the faces of the entire crew. We think we have something special here, and we love making people happy! It is always special for us to look out and see our guests genuinely enjoying themselves. Let us know the next time you’re in, we would love to meet you in person.

Warm regards,

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