January 31, 2015

Like any other child his age, Brandon interrupts. I can be talking to someone in person or on the phone or even be talking to myself and there is a 90% chance that he is going to interrupt. In response to his disruptions, I normally either say B’s name sternly or tell him to stop interrupting but, as many parents know, those don’t cease the behavior.

After reading a blog post from another blogger, I decided to try something else. It was eye-opening and made me realize that I needed to try another approach, seeing as my previous ones failed. I had apparently reached insanity on two different levels. Not only do his interruptions drive me insane, but I had also been responding in the same way every time. Insanity can be defined by someone repeating the same action(s) and expecting different results, and I was doing just that.

This is the blog post I was talking about: How to teach your child not to interrupt.

I’ve been trying this approach for the past couple of weeks and I’m seeing promising results. It’s simple and allows for two things. Firstly, it allows you to finish your thought or sentence with the person you are conversing with. If you think about it, we either interrupt ourselves or the person we’re conversing with to respond to our child’s interruption, which is essentially hypocritical and doesn’t teach your child anything. Secondly, it shows your child that you acknowledge and care that he or she has something to say and it assures them that they will have an opportunity to share what is on their little brain once you’ve completed your thought or sentence.

Brandon forgets every now and then but I see real progress and am glad I decided to try this new approach.

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