How to outpace the competition with Steelray

This post is sponsored by Steelray. Even though it is sponsored, I take pride in sharing only products and services I recommend, so I hope you enjoy this post!

In sports and business, having the proper training and equipment can help you outpace your competition.

The runners find their place at the starting block. Their hearts are pounding, and their palms are sweating as they anxiously await the pull of the trigger. A single gunshot will signal when it is time to lift their head, pump their arms, and propel themselves forward toward one common goal. All hope for the chance to be the heap’s solo champion. After they come off the block, it is just the individual runner, their opponents, and the open track. Each well-trained competitor will stay within their lanes and swiftly move toward the finish line, all with the hope and anticipation they might rise to the top and become victorious. They furiously move their legs, one in front of the other, increasing with speed and calling upon adrenaline, muscle memory, and sheer will, to ensure they find their place on the podium once the race is over because there can only be one winner. After months of training, proper dieting, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and those of their fellow racers, there is just a short time between the start signal and the breaking of the rope at the end, signifying the finish line, and then it is all over. Read the rest of this post...

Crafts, Keto

Grow your own avocados at home with AvoSeedo!

Eating healthy is something that we’ve recently done our best to do. We were a big time carb-eating family but we recently switched to the keto way of eating. It’s been an adjustment, but it gets easier as we go.

When I came across AvoSeedo I had to share it with you because avocados are one of the staples of keto! Not only are they high in fat, but they also have 12g of carbs, 10g being dietary fiber, meaning that we really consider them to have only 2g of our daily allotted carbs. A lot of people use them to get in their fats for the day. Read the rest of this post...

Keto update

Week Two on Keto

My second week on keto is coming to an end.

I’ve been making the occasional post regarding my progress on social media but I decided to also make a weekly post as I follow the keto way of eating. While I fully intend on sharing my successes with you, I also want to share my failures. Everyone stumbles and everyone fails, including me. I won’t always lose weight every week, and I may hit a stall. But, that’s okay. The important thing is that I and you keep going and keep pushing. Read the rest of this post...