My Favorite WordPress Plugins

By on October 15, 2017
My fave Wordpress plugins

WordPress is, by far, my favorite blogging platform. It is highly versatile, especially with the use of plugins. “What are the best WordPress plugins?” This is an extremely common question among bloggers. You’ll always get different answers when asking this question because every blogger has different plugins they consider awesome. These are my favorites so […]

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How to outpace the competition with Steelray

By on October 10, 2017

This post is sponsored by Steelray. Even though it is sponsored, I take pride in sharing only products and services I recommend, so I hope you enjoy this post! In sports and business, having the proper training and equipment can help you outpace your competition. The runners find their place at the starting block. Their […]

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Week Two on Keto

By on
Keto update

My second week on keto is coming to an end. I’ve been making the occasional post regarding my progress on social media but I decided to also make a weekly post as I follow the keto way of eating. While I fully intend on sharing my successes with you, I also want to share my […]

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