Snow Day 2015

February 26, 2015
Snow Day 2015
Snow Day 2015

We got to experience something that doesn’t happen very often — a snow day in Mississippi! Most of the time, the snow never sticks if we’re lucky enough to see snow flurries. We usually only get sleet but it snowed for most of the day on Wednesday.

Here are some pictures. :)
Nicole and Brandon
We loved playing in the snow. It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten to experience it. I love watching it snow — it’s always so pretty. I snapped a picture to preserve the day.

Brandon and Snowman
Brandon has loved every minute of it. We spent about an hour building a snowman. We used blocks and plastic Angry Bird Jenga pieces for his eyes, nose and mouth. I let him bundle up with one of my hats and a scarf. Brandon did a great job rolling the balls of snow around to make them the appropriate size. Check out our happy snowman! He, unfortunately, didn’t make it and tumbled to the ground at some point early this morning. Brandon woke me up and showed me what happened.

Brandon sledding
The fact that our snowman didn’t last long made him sad, but we rode on a four-wheeler-pulled sled today and that seemed to cheer him up.

I snapped a picture when he was enjoying the sled with one of his first cousins.

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