Super Hibachi Buffet
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Super Hibachi Buffet in Tupelo, MS

Super Hibachi Buffet

Super Hibachi Buffet



    Quality of food









            • Great service
            • Selection of food
            • Comfortable atmosphere
            • Cleanliness
            • Affordable


            • Quality tends to decline within an hour or two of their closing time

            Super Hibachi Buffet is a Chinese buffet located in the downtown area of Tupelo, MS. It features a full Chinese buffet, a sushi bar, and a hibachi grill.

            When you first walk through the door, you’re promptly greeted and seated at one of their many booths or tables. The server will get your drink order and you’re welcome to go and grab whatever you want from their buffet or sushi bar, or you can check out their hibachi grill.

            The buffet area has tons of options of food for you to choose from. They have anything from fried and white rice to vegetables to frog legs to cheesy grab to various types of chicken to wontons, and a lot more. And, one of the buffet tables is dedicated strictly to fruit, salad, and desserts. You also have the option of visiting the sushi bar or having something cooked for you at the hibachi grill if you’d like some Japanese food. If you’re in the mood for a little American food or you have some picky kiddos, they usually have a pan of pizza out as well as some catfish and french fries.

            Super Hibachi BuffetMy family and I frequent Super Hibachi once a month. One of our favorite aspects of the restaurant is the consistently great service that we receive. They always make us feel welcome, and all of the servers regularly check on you, clean off empty plates from your table, and refill your drinks. The quality and selection of food is also plus for us.

            I love the fried rice, green beans, cheesy crab, and wontons. My husband loves the fried rice, green beans, frog legs, and sushi. Our son normally gets their lo mein, fried rice, and pepperoni pizza. The food is consistently good, and they’ll even cook more of a particular item if there is not enough of it out in the buffet area.

            Super Hibachi Buffet

            We enjoy the atmosphere of Super Hibachi. The staff is always friendly and we always feel comfortable during our stay. They always have nice music playing in the background, and they have a few televisions scattered around.

            There’s only one negative aspect that we have noticed about Super Hibachi, though it’s not really any different than most buffets. If you’re planning on eating there, you’ll want to visit either around lunchtime or in the evening. The quality and selection of food available tends to decline if it’s within an hour of their closing time, which is 9:00PM every day of the week. While it’s understandable that they may want to avoid putting as much food out when it gets later in the evening, we tend to dine later, so if it’s later than 8:00PM we likely won’t eat there because the food isn’t as fresh as it could be.

            With all of this being said, Super Hibachi is our favorite Chinese buffet in Tupelo. The service is great, the food is super tasty, and we like the atmosphere. The restaurant is always clean and it’s affordable for families — we (2 adults, 1 child) ate for under $30, not including tip. If you’re looking for a Chinese buffet that is affordable, has decent service, and has great food without tons of grease, definitely plan a family dinner at Super Hibachi in downtown Tupelo, MS.

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