TOMS improves lives by helping those who are in need

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September 15, 2017
TOMS improves lives

TOMS is one of those companies I love supporting because they make it one of their priorities to help those in need. Every purchase has a purpose!

Through our purchases, TOMS helps provide necessities like shoes, water, and sight to those in need as part of their One for One program. They also provide bullying prevention services and training for skilled births to those that need it. What’s more important than that?

Get this. Our shoe purchases help provide a child (ages toddler to teen) with a pair of shoes that fit them, and for every eye purchase made it helps provide someone with the gift of sight. This could very well be something as basic as a check-up or something as serious as sight-saving surgery. Did you know that more than 780 million people don’t have access to safe water? This is a horrible number, and TOMS is doing something about it by supporting water systems in countries that need it most. Bullying and infections as a result of childbirth are also serious issues in certain areas of the world, but TOMS is providing them with the services and training they need so that it cuts down on things like bullying and complications from childbirth. This means less bullying and less deaths of precious lives.

Here are my top picks from!

I absolutely love the sunglasses and the wedges!

TOMS helps those in need in over 70 countries — how awesome is that?! Snag yourself some swag while you help TOMS help those in need.

Be sure you give ’em your email because they’ll send you a coupon for either $15 off a $75 purchase, or $20 off a $100 purchase! If you visit TOMS through my blog, you can get free shipping if your order is $64 or over at!
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    1. I didn’t either until recently, it’s awesome! It’s their “One for One” program and they’ve already helped so many people so far. I love supporting companies who do things like this!

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