Keto update

Week Two on Keto

My second week on keto is coming to an end.

I’ve been making the occasional post regarding my progress on social media but I decided to also make a weekly post as I follow the keto way of eating. While I fully intend on sharing my successes with you, I also want to share my failures. Everyone stumbles and everyone fails, including me. I won’t always lose weight every week, and I may hit a stall. But, that’s okay. The important thing is that I and you keep going and keep pushing.

The week before I decided to start keto I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Adopting a new way of eating is hard, but adopting a completely new lifestyle is hard as hell. I was ready to make the change, mad at myself that I had let myself get to that point, but I was also afraid to fail. I’ve never stuck with diets longer than two or three weeks, so what if keto was no different? Luckily, all of those feelings and thoughts are completely normal.

Up until I started keto, I lived on sweet tea, pasta, bread, and potatoes.

I’m a Southern gal so sweet tea is the staple drink here. I tried cutting it out of my diet a few years ago but I ended up having a few glasses one day and, before I knew it, I was a regular drinker of sweet tea again. I was able to cut it out again either during the later half of 2016 or this year by drinking a glass of water every time I craved it. It eventually got to the point where I stopped thinking about it, even when eating at restaurants.

As for pasta, bread, and potatoes? My favorite things to eat. Especially pasta. I ended up slipping during my first week and had some, but I’ll come back to that soon.

The point is, you will slip and you will fail, but that’s okay. Making a lifestyle change isn’t easy. It’s okay to slip and it’s okay to fail as long as you get back up and keep going.

My first week on keto was definitely an adjustment. I was eager to get started and my husband was supportive but I had to do the research and get my brain in “keto mode.” I would normally go for low or no-fat foods and stock our pantry with pasta and rice and bread because they’re some of the most affordable foods, but keto is a high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb way of eating.

The amount of fat, protein, and carbs you need per day depends on your height, weight, body fat percentage, and activity levels. Once you figure out how much of each of them (commonly referred to as your “macros”) you need to consume daily, it becomes so much easier to make your shopping list.

One thing I wish I did my first week was meal plan. I didn’t plan out any meals so we ran low on keto-friendly foods towards the end of the week. We still had some ground beef but I had eaten some for lunch and didn’t feel like eating it again. Not only that, but my go-to pan for cooking ground beef was dirty, it was late, and I was starving. I ended up caving and made some macaroni and cheese. I was so mad at myself, especially as the amount I ate had just over 100g of carbs. Ugh! I felt bad and mad at myself for the rest of that night, but I knew that the next day was a new day. I didn’t want to let one meal completely derail my efforts.

Week two has been easier than the first week. While I had a weak moment and ate some Wendy’s with my husband and kiddo on Monday, I decided to step on the scale Tuesday morning. To my extremely pleasant surprise, I saw that the number looked better than it did over a week ago! I’ve lost 5lbs so far! I was so incredibly thrilled!

I was pumped and excited over my loss so I decided to look up some simple keto recipes to try. We went shopping when my husband got home from work so that we could stock up for the rest of the week. It felt so good because it was probably the best shopping trip we’ve ever had in terms of the quality of food that we bought. I was a little worried about how much it would cost, as healthier food tends to cost more, but our shopping trip ended up costing less than our previous “junk” trips. We bought yummy things like ground beef, chicken, lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, cheese, eggs, and pepperonis.

Even though 5lbs isn’t a huge loss, I can tell a difference in how I feel. It gave me a little confidence boost even though I haven’t noticed a difference with clothes yet. My husband can supposedly tell that I’ve lost weight even though I can’t, which always makes a woman feel good. That, and I feel better about the food we eat and the fact that I’m cooking more. My husband and kiddo have enjoyed everything I’ve made so far, which is awesome.

I’m glad that I made the switch to keto. Some people think that the keto way of eating isn’t healthy for you and can be bad, but I think it’s important to research it for yourself and decide if it’s the right thing for you. I enjoy my results so far and I feel confident going into week three on Monday. I’m not an expert yet and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m eager to continue my keto journey and share my progress with you!

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